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YW Series Water/D.I Water Washer: Fully Automatic Deionized Water Washing Machine 

We propose this washing system for precision washing tasks such as the removal of ion contamination and particles.
This washer exhibits high washing performance when it comes to items that require a high degree of cleanliness, such as HDD parts, glass, BGA and CSP substrates.
It is available in a compact size as a space-saving consideration with clean room use in mind.
Ranging from high-speed, large-capacity automated units to manual units geared for small-lot jobs, we recommend washing system of this series as an optimum solution for wide-ranging application. 

YW Series Water/D.I Water Washer: Fully Automatic Deionized Water Washing Machine Photo

Uniform and Stable washing Quality

Based on the assumption of continuous operation, this washer is devised in various ways to achieve uniform and satable washing. 

We propose this washer as an excellent solution for particle removal.

For clean drying of precision parts

Drying system is important for water base washing systems.

For water washing systems, we propose low-temperature drying without using solvents, and vacuum drying for workpieces of complex shape.

Clean room application

When it comes to countermeasures against dust generation from washers and air balance, our washer is accepted by clean rooms of class 10.

Wide variations

In addition to a combination of vacuum washing and vacuum drying, our product varieties including those geared for quick dump and multiple ultrasonic waves. 

We can also propose the simplify transfer system for our customers’ overseas factories.

Easy-to-use washers

Based on our extensive track record of overseas delivery of machine, we are promoting easy-to-use control mechanisms for our washing machine. Not to mention English nameplates for controls and components, we also offer attentive operation training for customers’ overseas staff.

Running cost reductions

We propose energy-saving items that feature reductions of electricity and pure water consumption.

HDD parts

FPC substrates, magnetic heads, HGA, HAS, base plates, sliders, sleeves, hubs, shafts, miniature ball bearings, spindle motors, covers

Washer parts (electronic devices)

Quartz oscillators, crystal oscillating modules, capacitors, RF filters, connectors, LED, LCD, organic EL, PDP, backlights, LC glass substrates, ceramic substrates, HIC, MEMS, packaged substrate reflow jig, reflow pallets, flip chip packaged substrates, WCSP, LSI, IC chips, gyro sensors, pressure sensors, encoders, thermistors, infrared sensors, solar batteries, leadframes, FPC, metal masks, photomasks, ceramic plates

Washer parts (optical and precision parts)

Digital camera parts, CCD, CMOS, COS sensors, camera modules, lenses, LC displays, backlights, touch panels, stepping motors, photosensitive drums, polygon mirrors, TMF sensors, combination heads, watch parts, optical fiber connectors, optical filters, ferrules, pressed parts, machined parts

Automotive and mechanical parts

Cemented carbide tips, bearings, linear motion guides, ball threads, gears, shafts, bearings, clean couplings, joints, precision springs, hydraulic equipment, torque limiters, roller drives, reduction gears, rotary actuators, engine parts, pistons, injectors, ignition motors, stators, rotors, piston rings, alternators, HV-use ECU, capacitors, compressors, power window motors, ABS parts


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