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President's Message

Representative Director & President
Ryuichiro Azuma,
President & COO

Dating back some years prior to the beginning of Tokugawa period in 1598, the life of Sakura began in a town called Sakai in western Japan as a druggist. Guided by the opening of the Edo government by the Shogun Tokugawa, Sakura relocated to the capital of Edo, the modern Tokyo, and pioneered in a medical device industry in Japan in the year of 1871.
During a period of massive social and economic upheavals over the ensuing 145 years, Sakura has always been committed to working for society. Having every respect for craftsmanship, Sakura has distributed top-quality medical devices worldwide, and made meaningful contributions to the development of the medical device industry.

Modern society is faced with an aging society with fewer children everywhere in the world today. This trend is intensifying, and health care costs are expected to grow year after year. Every one of us needs to address the issue and study how to overcome these challenges, including the medical-care system reform, and the correspondence between the quality and the cost in terms of medical treatment.

While the initiative is led by government, the medical and industrial communities are also required to actively be involved in dealing with the issue.

In light of such realities and conceivable future, Sakura has an earnest wish to globally contribute to the people staying in and working for medical care facilities, and to the industry, with principal products. In other words, delivering those products, services and practical solutions related to infection control and laboratory procedure used in diagnosing cancer, such as the equipment for pathology and cytology, is of significant role of Sakura.

Ryuichiro Azuma, President & COO
Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd.

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