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Washer and Sterilizer : Industrial

We support customers in establishing environment-friendly production processes.

Amid mounting interest in environmental issues on a global scale, environment-friendly detergence systems are increasingly in demand. Sakura Seiki’s ultrasonic cleaning machines are high-precision detergence equipment, making the most of our patented technologies, such as vacuum ultrasonic detergence (V. SONIC) technology, vacuum pressure-reduced vapor drying and other vacuum technologies, as well as LPC management, particle elimination, ion contamination elimination, clean room promotion and automatic transfer technologies.
Our products are used and highly rated in a wide range of industrial fields such as pressed parts, machined parts, electronic parts, HDD parts for PCs, automotive parts, medical equipment parts, and pharmaceutical machinery parts.

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Application: Water/distilled water washing   Vacuum washing   Vacuum drying
Fluorine-based washing   Solvent washing   Bromine-based washing
Alcohol washing   Hydro carbon washing   Pressurized defoaming
Size: Large   Small


Alcohol-based Washing Machine YA-600 Photo

Alcohol-based Washing Machine YA-600 YA-600

Are you not putting alcohol directly into your desk model ultrasonic chamber?
▪ YA-600’s washing chamber features a double structure consisting of an inner vessel (IPA) and an outer vessel (water).
▪ It is extremely dangerous to use ultrasonic directly to alcohol.
▪ YA-600 incorporates a circulation mechanism.
▪ Double filter removes particles.
▪ The piping section is provided with measures to prevent electrification. 

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Bromine-based Organic Solvent “ABZOL JG” Photo

Bromine-based Organic Solvent “ABZOL JG” 

“ABZOL JG” exhibits high degreasing performance comparable to chlorine-based solvents such as methylene chloride and trichloroethylene.
Its low surface tension and viscosity enable good wettability, offering excellent permeability to narrow cavities of the workpiece to be washed and blind hole openings. 

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Desktop Vacuum Ultrasonic Chamber “V-SONIC TSU-252-VS” Photo

Desktop Vacuum Ultrasonic Chamber “V-SONIC TSU-252-VS” 

This is a desktop vacuum ultrasonic washing machine. Dissolved oxygen can be removed and deaeration, defoaming, impregnation, emulsification and dispersion can be performed efficiently thanks to the synergy between a vacuum (reduced pressure) and ultrasonic waves. 

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Fluorine-based Organic Solvent “Novec” Photo

Fluorine-based Organic Solvent “Novec” 

“Novec” HFE is a substance developed by the 3M Company as a substitute solvent for specified CFSs. Its ozone depleting potential is zero and its global warming potential is significantly lower than other fluorocarbon substitutes like HFC and PFC, making it a highly environmentally friendly product. 

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HRS Series Intermediate Frequency Ultrasonic Oscillator Units Photo

HRS Series Intermediate Frequency Ultrasonic Oscillator Units 

The HRS Series units exhibit impressive performance in precision washing!!
We have developed a High Rate Sweep circuit (patent pending) designed to efficiently operate oscillations in the intermediate frequency range.
This enables ultrasonic waves with higher-than-before sound pressure to be generated and reach every corner of the chamber, thus removing contamination and completing precision washing. 

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Pressurized Deforming Equipment (TAC Series): Autoclave for LC Glass Photo

Pressurized Deforming Equipment (TAC Series): Autoclave for LC Glass 

This autoclave removes fine bubbles that can be found when affixing a polarizer film to a compact liquid crystal panel (LC glass substrate) of cellular phones and other information terminals, thus enhancing adhesion of the polarizer film. This unit is compact, can be put on a desk and installation is very easy. The autoclave can respond to production line extension or line layout change for low costs and flexibly. It is also handy and useful as a testing unit. 

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Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Clean” Photo

Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Clean” 

“F1 Clean” is your choice if you choose between washing cost and work environment.
Ultra-low consumption of solvent has realized significant reductions in washing cost.
It meets customers’ diverse requirements as to work piece sizes and volumes to be treated, as well as automated operation. 

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Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Mini” Photo

Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Mini” 

“F1 Mini” is a mini-size version of the F1 Clean series, created to meet customers’ demand for more compact washing machine.
The downsizing saves both space required for installation and machine costs, yet the performance capabilities unique to the F1 Clean system remain unchanged.
This compact unit with limited dimensions can still perform all required tasks from washing, rinsing, vapor drying and vacuum drying through distilled solvent recycling – all automatically. 

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Vacuum Deaerator for Water “TKH-11” Photo

Vacuum Deaerator for Water “TKH-11” 

This deaerator efficiently removes gasses like oxygen and nitrogen dissolved in the water liquid.
▦ Increased cleaning effects and shortened washing time are available thanks to ultrasonic waves stronger than those for the surface treatment front-end process/post-process (strong ultrasonic waves and permeability).
This dearator has deburring effects, is capable of washing blind holes and minute holes, and is compatible with various types of washing water.
▦ Prevention of oxidation
Application for preventing pipe corrosion and red water; deaeration of food processing water, inks, coating materials and other chemicals-dissolved liquids, clean steam water and boiler water; and application for various production lines. 

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Vacuum Pulse Ultrasonic Washer “Clean Ace YW-252-VS” Photo

Vacuum Pulse Ultrasonic Washer “Clean Ace YW-252-VS” 

This is a compact vacuum pulse ultrasonic washing chamber.
With a built-in aspirator, this single unit can perform vacuum ultrasonic washing.
Best suited for washing small workpieces. 

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Vacuum Pulse Washing (PAT), Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing System “V-SONIC” Photo

Vacuum Pulse Washing (PAT), Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing System “V-SONIC” 

<Sakura Seiki’s patented technology>
The “V-SONIC” is a precision washing system based on a combination of our vacuum technology (Sakura is qualified as a Category 1 pressure vessel manufacturing factory) and ultrasonic technology.
This system is best suited for washing gaps between parts, blind holes, air-trapping sections and so on.
The vacuum pulse washing system is recommended for precision washing. 

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Water-based Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing Machine “V-SONIC YW-552-VS” Photo

Water-based Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing Machine “V-SONIC YW-552-VS” 

Vacuum ultrasonic washing is suitable for precision washing.
Vacuum ultrasonic washing is Sakura Seiki’s patented technology. In this process, deaeration is performed effectively by emitting strong ultrasonic waves in conditions ranging from a vacuum to atmospheric pressure, performing washing by pushing the detergent even into gaps between parts. Our vacuum pulse ultrasonic washing, which repeats vacuum and atmospheric pressure by turns, is also effective for precision washing. 

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YW Series Water/D.I Water Washer: Fully Automatic Deionized Water Washing Machine Photo

YW Series Water/D.I Water Washer: Fully Automatic Deionized Water Washing Machine 

We propose this washing system for precision washing tasks such as the removal of ion contamination and particles.
This washer exhibits high washing performance when it comes to items that require a high degree of cleanliness, such as HDD parts, glass, BGA and CSP substrates.
It is available in a compact size as a space-saving consideration with clean room use in mind.
Ranging from high-speed, large-capacity automated units to manual units geared for small-lot jobs, we recommend washing system of this series as an optimum solution for wide-ranging application. 

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