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Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Mini” 

“F1 Mini” is a mini-size version of the F1 Clean series, created to meet customers’ demand for more compact washing machine.
The downsizing saves both space required for installation and machine costs, yet the performance capabilities unique to the F1 Clean system remain unchanged.
This compact unit with limited dimensions can still perform all required tasks from washing, rinsing, vapor drying and vacuum drying through distilled solvent recycling – all automatically. 

Single-Chamber Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cleaning System “F1 Mini” Photo

Single chamber capable of washing and rinsing through drying

This multi-chamber unit is capable of: warm solvent washing → cold solvent washing → vapor drying → vacuum drying.

Washing times and washing menu can be set as desired.

Compact size

Dimensions of the smallest unit: 1300×1300×1610mm

Can be easily installed in small spaces or clean rooms.

Degreasing and Percision cleaning for particle

This unit is used to wash a wide variety of parts, such as machined parts, pressed parts, electronic parts, CCD’s, CMOS’s, crystal oscillators and MEMS’s, among others.

Vacuum-sealed structure with excellent environment and safety features.

With the F1 Clean system, the washing chamber is empty when the basket is placed or taken out. This means operator safety because there is no risk of his/her coming into contact with the solvent. 

Not only does the F1 Clean system offer ultra-low solvent consumption, it also prevents the work environment from becoming contaminated with easy volatilized solvent.

Making the most of characteristics of organic solvents

Conventional types of simple-sealed washing system had a major shortcoming – the inability to control the consumption of expensive solvents, which led to a vicious cycle of “more consumption → higher costs.”

Our “F1 CLERAN” ultimate vacuum-sealed cleaning system resolves this cost problem while simultaneously exhibiting excellent washing performance.

Many chamber sizes available

In addition to the conventional round washing chambers, we have added square types to our line-up, thereby meeting diverse customer needs.

Automatic transfer type

This unit is geared for automatic transfer, contributing to labor saving on the production line.


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