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Water-based Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing Machine “V-SONIC YW-552-VS” 

Vacuum ultrasonic washing is suitable for precision washing.
Vacuum ultrasonic washing is Sakura Seiki’s patented technology. In this process, deaeration is performed effectively by emitting strong ultrasonic waves in conditions ranging from a vacuum to atmospheric pressure, performing washing by pushing the detergent even into gaps between parts. Our vacuum pulse ultrasonic washing, which repeats vacuum and atmospheric pressure by turns, is also effective for precision washing. 

Water-based Vacuum Ultrasonic Washing Machine “V-SONIC YW-552-VS” Photo

For gaps between parts and for parts of complex shape

In the vacuum pulse ultrasonic washing process, washing is performed by forcibly permeating the liquid detergent into gaps between overlapping parts or into blind holes.


Model YW-552-VS
Chamber dimensions φ550×620H
Washing basket 400W×300D×200H
Liquid amount Approx. 95L
Ultrasonic waves 28kHz,40kHz,100kHz 1200W
Heater 4kW×3 pieces
Working height 900H
Facility needed: Electricity AC200V φ3 19kW
Facility needed Feed water Approx. 10L/min. (1~3kg/cm2)
Facility needed: Air : 0.5MPa (5kg/cm2)
Optional : Automatic cover opening/closing; rotating barrel


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