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Alcohol-based Washing Machine YA-600 YA-600

Are you not putting alcohol directly into your desk model ultrasonic chamber?
▪ YA-600’s washing chamber features a double structure consisting of an inner vessel (IPA) and an outer vessel (water).
▪ It is extremely dangerous to use ultrasonic directly to alcohol.
▪ YA-600 incorporates a circulation mechanism.
▪ Double filter removes particles.
▪ The piping section is provided with measures to prevent electrification. 

Alcohol-based Washing Machine YA-600 Photo

Are you not putting alcohol directly into your desk model ultrasonic chamber?

IPA and ethanol are used for flux washing and particle washing of electronic parts. 

We often see operators carry out washing by putting alcohol (IPA or ethanol) directly into a desktop ultrasonic chamber. 

This is extremely dangerous. 

Many desktop ultrasonic chamber use low frequencies ranging from 20KHz to 40KHz, which are vulnerable to ultrasonic oscillations that can cause erosion to the oscillator. 

If such erosion makes a hole in the ultrasonic oscillator, alcohol leaks and comes into contact with the oscillator – a dangerous condition. Please also remember that the switch and timer are there, uncovered. 

YA-600 features a double-vessel structure. This effectively prevents IPA and the oscillator from coming into direct contact with each other even if a hole has been made in the ultrasonic oscillator. 

Ultrasonic is tuned to maintain high output.

Filter circuit

If the main purpose of washing is removal of foreign matter (particles), a filter circuit becomes necessary. 

With desktop ultrasonic chamber, a major concern is that such foreign matter may reattach to the work piece. 

With our YA-600, a filter circuit is standard (double filter circuit is optional).

Safety measures

When alcohol passes through the piping, static electricity is generated. Plastics can also be electrically charged. 

Thease are not safe enough if they have an alcohol storage tank made of plastics, or if they have piping for which no anti-electrification measure are taken. 

With YA-600, full safety measures are taken in the circulating water pump as well as piping.


Removal of flux, foreign matter (particles) for electronic parts, printed wiring boards, magazines, packaged board reflow jig, and reflow pallets.


Model YA-600
Outside dimensions 720W×550D×1,000H
Chamber dimensions 350W×360D×300H
Chamber capacity Approx. 30L
Ultrasonic wave 40kHz/600W
Facility needed Electricity: AC200V ψ3 10A
compressed air


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