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Fluorine-based Organic Solvent “Novec” 

“Novec” HFE is a substance developed by the 3M Company as a substitute solvent for specified CFSs. Its ozone depleting potential is zero and its global warming potential is significantly lower than other fluorocarbon substitutes like HFC and PFC, making it a highly environmentally friendly product. 

Fluorine-based Organic Solvent “Novec” Photo

Environment compatibility and safety

*1: Criteria differ according to whether your particular facility falls within or outside the purview of the VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations. Please confirm the regulations.


Surface tension (mN/m) 13.6 13.6
Characteristics HFE-7100 HFE-7200
Boiling point (℃) 61 76
Freezing point (℃) -135 -138
Vapor pressure (MPa) 0.028 0.016
Latent heat of vaporization (boiling point) kl/kg 126 126
Density (kg/m3) 1,520 1,430

Representative physical properties refer to those at 25℃.


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