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Washer / Sterilizer

The Sakura brand means reliability – leading the world with its superb technology.

Taking advantage of innovative technology and expertise in cleaning, sterilization and water treatment, Sakura delivers equipment and systems for a diverse range of industrial applications.
Their applications range widely. Examples include pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical and biotechnological plants that require highest safety and quality assurance, as well as automobile, semiconductor and electronics industries in which precision instruments cleaning process is essential. Whatever the application, Sakura attentively caters to ever-diverse customer needs as an R&D-based manufacturer backed by a consistent setup for through operation from development and manufacture to maintenance.

For Medical Use

Toward even safer and securer clean healthcare environment

An even safer and securer environment is an absolute requirement of medical institutions. Having pursued strengths in sterilization, drying, vacuum and water treatment over the years, Sakura makes the most of its comprehensive technological capabilities to develop and deliver products along with systems that respond to the demands of the times with integrity. Among the diverse range of products and systems offered by Sakura are large-sized sterilizers, which enjoy the largest share of the domestic market, as well as various kinds of washers, driers and surgical equipment.

Proposing systems compatible with global standards

Demands for safety and reliability in medical environments are increasing at an unprecedented rate. It is imperative for medical institutions to establish a system geared to overall management of their healthcare settings as complying with international standards such as ISO-13683, the standard for steam sterilization.
In addition, medical institutions today are expected to respond to social requirements such as reducing the energy consumption and the load on environment, while continually striving to create even further advanced medical environment.
In order to meet such diverse customer needs promptly and effectively, Sakura addresses product development through tireless R&D activities. Sakura thus offers systems that allows saving energy, labor and space at the same time providing higher productivity in CSSD. As the leading company in decontamination and sterilization, Sakura energetically promotes product development with its vision always set deeper and one step ahead of the times.

For Industrial Use

Proposing optimal systems for industrial cleaning process

As precision instruments cleaning today has become more sophisticated, we need to put more emphasis on such as productivity, safety and environmental friendliness.

Making full use of its own technological strength based on the fusion of mechanics and chemistry, Sakura takes on challenges and proposes optimal system solutions for cleaning process in our customers' respective production systems.
Sakura machines are installed worldwide, including United States, China, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. We make strong effort to the service system in overseas to help stable production for our customers. Cleaning test is performed first in our testing lab using Aqueous-based washer, hydrocarbon-based washer, solvent-based washer and/or ethanol-based washer. Based on the result of the testing, we offer a solution best suited for what is required from the customers.  
Sakura makes a contribution to society with eco-friendly technology complying with ISO 14000. 
Realization of outstanding cleanliness is Sakura’s fundamental aim.

Corporate Profile

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