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Lab Equipment in Pathology / Cytology / Immunology

Sakura caters to medical care forefronts with total healthcare solutions.

Ever since its establishment in 1871, Sakura has led its fields as the pioneer of medical and scientific equipment, constantly delivering innovative technologies and products.
The mainstream of Sakura brand products are comprised of diverse equipment in the field of infection control related cleaning/sterilization along with pathology, cytology and immunology that contribute safe and secure healthcare environments. Backed by our consistent support setup from development and manufacture through maintenance and operational support, these products are ensured to deliver to customers.

Ultimately efficient and reliable pathological lab equipment

Progress taking place in the field of pathology, cytology, and immunology is at a remarkable pace today. Sakura engages in the development and manufacture of histologic diagnosis related equipment and devices.
These products are marketed worldwide through the Sakura Finetek Group, our exclusive supplier of pathological lab equipment.

Highly reliable equipment delivered in response to requirements of medical forefronts.

In order to fully respond to requirements of medical, scientific and industrial forefronts, we keep exploring new technology avenues at all times. Sakura exerts to grasp the latest market needs and information through our group networking as well as participation in seminars and exhibitions. The needs and the information gathered are incorporated into new production development.
While keeping ourselves in tune with technological innovations in the medical and scientific fields, Sakura promotes production designed to attentively and flexibly help improve automation, efficiency and labor saving at workflow.

Corporate Profile

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