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Corporate Philosophy

  1. Sakura continues to seek out a new possibility that is conducive to better medical care worldwide.
  2. Being a forerunner in the field, Sakura maintains to play an active part that is commensurate with the standing in the medical device industry.
  3. Sakura encourages its employees to pursue their lives enriched by the opportunities for community-building that brings a deep sense of self-fulfillment.

Management Policy

  1. We never lose our curiosity that incorporate novel ideas to meet the challenge of future growth.
  2. Having a sense of social responsibility, we are committed to earnestly work with the people receiving and giving medical treatment and with the medical industry in mind.
  3. Under a belief that every one of our employees and their families should be treated with love and respect, we establish a corporate culture and environment that enable to self-fulfilling experience.

Corporate Profile

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