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Honcho Pharmacy (Iwashiya Ichizaemon’s pharmacy) – from “Edo Sights Illustrated” (1834~1836).
Iwashiya Ichizaemon's Honcho Pharmacy – from “Edo Sights Illustrated” (1834 – 1836)
Sterilization vehicle for field warfare to be delivered to the Japanese Army Hygiene Division (at the shop front in 1904).
Vehicle-type Disinfector for the battlefield delivered to the military hospital (1904)
Cylindrical steam sterilizer (1909).
Cylindrical Steam Disinfector (1909)
Chiyoda microscope M-Catera IV model (1914).
Tiyoda M-KATERA-IV Microscope (1914)

Prior to 1870 Had operated “Iwashiya Pharmacy” in Nihonbashi district of Edo, now Tokyo, since 1600s.
1871 Formed the medical equipment division of Iwashiya, and registered the trademark “Sakura” by 1887 – the birth of Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd.
1901 “Iwashiya Matsumoto Machinery Shop” established.
1906 “Kanko-sha” established in Tokyo.
1917 The company name changed to “Matsumoto Manufacturing Company” - the birth of Tiyoda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Inside the sterilizer factory (1940s).
Inside the Disinfector Factory (1940s)
Pressurized steam sterilizer delivered to the Yahata Iron Mill (1936).
Steam Disinfector delivered to Nippon Steel Yawata Hospital (1936)
Electric incubator, model 8 (1943).
Electric Incubator: Model 8 (1943)
Rotary for automatic fixing/embedding device (1957).
Automatic Tissue Processor: Sakura Rotary (1957)

1934 The company name changed to “Tiyoda Manufacturing Company”.
1944 Evacuated from the war, Tiyoda Manufacturing Company relocated to Yashiro City in Nagano Prefecture, where the current Education Center is located.
1957 Tiyoda Manufacturing Company reorganized into “Tiyoda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”
1962 “Iwashiya Matsumoto Machinery Shop” reorganized into “Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd.”
1978 Training Center, now Education Center, established.
1979 Sakura Engineering Co., Ltd. established.
Autoclave Σ Series Σ type (1957).
Autoclave Σ Series Σ type (1957)
Inside the Development Division (1980s).
Inside the Development Division (1980s)
Inside the Sterilizer Plant (1980s).
Inside the Sterilizer Shop (1980s)
ETP120A (1982).
ETP120A (1982)

1981 “Chikuma Factory”, now Nagano Chikuma Factory, established in Koshoku City, now Chikuma City.
1986 Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. established in Torrance, California, U.S.A.
1987 Technical Service Center established in Beijing, China.
1988 Yashiro Factory, now Nagano Yashiro Factory, built in Yashiro, Koshoku City.
1989 Nagano Chikuma Factory certified by ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
1993 Sakura Finetek Europe B.V established in Leiden, the Netherlands.
1994 Beijing Office open in Beijing, China.
1995 Acquisition of the pathology and cytology equipment product lines of U.S.-based Miles, Inc., now Bayer Corp.
1997 Yawata Factory, now Nagano Yawata Factory, built in Yawata, Koshoku City, now Chikuma City.
 TissueTech Express x120 (2008).
Tissue-Tek® Xpress® x120 (2008)
Pressurized steam sterilizer VS Series (2008).
Steam Sterilizer: VS Series (2004)
 F1 Multi industrial washer (2008).
Industrial use washer: F1 Multi (2009)
Participation in a trade exhibition (2008).
Sakura stand at a trade exhibition (2009)

2001 Sakura Finetek Co., Ltd. established, taking over Laboratory Division of Sakura Seiki.
2005 Sakura SI Co., Ltd. established, taking over SI Division of Sakura Seiki.
Sakura International Co., Ltd. established, taking over International Division of Sakura Seiki.
Oct. 2005 Two companies merged into one: Tiyoda Manufacturing Company and Sakura Seiki. The company name is now Sakura Seiki Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2008 Sakura Healthcare Support Co., Ltd. established, taking over sterilization outsourcing business of Sakura Seiki.
Oct. 2008 Sakura System Planning Co., Ltd. established, taking over CSSD consulting services and other relate business of Sakura Seiki.
Apr. 2009 Sakura Global Holding Co., Ltd. created.
Dec. 2011 Business transfer from Sakura International Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2014 「SAKURA topia」open in Tokyo Head Office.
Oct. 2016 Merged with Sakura IPT&ST Solution Co., Ltd.
Jan. 2021 Merged with Sakura System Planning Co., Ltd.
Sakura System Solution Co., Ltd. created.
Oct. 2022 Merged Nagaoka Service Center into Niigata Service Center.
Nagasaki R&D Center open.

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